01 November 2018

Bromsgrove - Preschool's volcano goes off with a bang!

Bromsgrove - Preschool's volcano goes off with a bang!

The Pre-School children have shown an interest in volcanoes which led to a discussion about what we know about volcanoes and decided to make one ourselves! One staff member Tom explained how if we used some cola and mints we could make our volcano explode as well!

We used the interactive board to research volcanoes to find out what they look like, what colours they are and what happens when they explode!

Over the course of the week we made our volcano with support from Tom. We first paper-mached the shape of the volcano and when it was dry, we carefully selected the coloured paints we needed and painted it! When it was all dry we took it into the garden to try out the experiment, after an important safety brief of course.

We were all very excited and eagerly waited for the mints to be put in the cola and we watched as our volcano finally exploded! We all agreed that we would like to do more science experiments in Pre-School because they are really fun and also teach us lots of new things about the world around us and how things work.

Expressive Arts and Design- Being Imaginative (40-60 months).
‘Choose a particular colour for purpose.’
The children looked at pictures of volcanoes on the interactive board in order to help them select the colours needed to create our own volcano.
Characteristics of Effective Learning.
‘Creating and thinking critically- ‘making predictions.’
Before we started the experiment, we asked the children what might happen when we add the mentos to the coke. Some children said ‘its going to explode.’

Expressive Arts and Design- Exploring Using Media and Material (40-60 months).
‘Selects tools and techniques needed to shape, assemble and join materials they are using.’
The children helped the practitioners to collect the resources such as glue, scissors and newspaper to build the volcano, using the technique paper mache.

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