08 November 2018

Gloucester - Learning and Fun in Baby room One

Gloucester - Learning and Fun in Baby room One

The babies have been focusing on their skills during meal times. We have been developing our fine motor skills while using cutlery and hand eye coordination when guiding spoons to our mouths. Our adults have helped us to explore different ways to eat and its been fun discovering different textures of foods. We got a little messy but it was great practice! We will continue to explore textures through new exciting activities.

EYFS links:
PD: 8-20 months
Attempts to use a spoon: can guide towards mouth but food often falls off.

We have a special interest in nursery rhymes and we love to listen to familiar songs and move our bodies to the music. Some of us have taken part in the “old MacDonald’s” exploration tray. Our adults have supported our language skills by commenting on our play as well as naming each animal and repeating the names to make them more familiar. We have tried hard to repeat animal names and sounds when playing with the wooden animals. Its also been fun to bang them together and on the tray to make loud noises!

EYFS links:
UW: 8-20 months
Closely observes what animals, people and vehicles do
CL: 8-20 months
Frequently imitates words and sounds
EAD: 8-20 months
Moves their whole bodies to sounds
they enjoy, such as music or a regular beat

Gloucester - Learning and Fun in Baby room One

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