16 November 2018

Wolverhampton - Preschool Celebrate Children in Need 2018

Wolverhampton - Preschool Celebrate Children in Need 2018

What a fun filled day we have had in Preschool today celebrating
Children In Need!

Colour, Cut and Repair Pudsey!
Firstly we had a go at colouring in Pudsey Bear. We tried very hard to stay in the lines. As you can see we did really, really well.
Then using our cutting skills we had to cut out all of the different parts of Pudsey before we put him back together.

Counting with Pudsey Bear
We counted how many spots Pudsey had all over him so we knew how many buttons we needed to use. Then using glue we stuck lots of colourful buttons, using one for each spot, all over Pudsey making him very colourful.

Pudsey Playdough Station
What a wonderful and fun Playdough Station we had today. It was full of glitter, colourful buttons, pom poms and lolly sticks. We made some lovely colourful, glittery Pudsey Bears!

Pyjama Day
What a way to spend a day in Preschool wearing our pyjamas all day!
Thanks everyone for such a fun day in Preschool celebrating and raising money for Children In Need!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Managing Feelings & Behaviour 30-50 months
Begins to accept the needs of others and can take turns and share resources, sometimes with support from others.
Physical Development: Moving & Handling 40-60+ months
Shows increasing control over an object in pushing, patting, throwing, catching or kicking it.
Uses simple tools to effect changes to materials.
Mathematics: Numbers 40-60+ months
Realises not only objects, but anything can be counted, including steps, claps or jumps.
Mathematics: Numbers 30-50 months
Estimates how many objects they can see and checks by counting them.

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