15 April 2019

Stourbridge - Pre-toddlers get messy and creative with minty play dough

Stourbridge - Pre-toddlers get messy and creative with minty play dough

In the Pre-toddler room we have recently enjoyed getting messy and creative. Our latest creation has been minty play dough! Whilst outdoors exploring the garden the children enjoyed watering the plants, and we noticed some mint that was growing. The children enjoyed picking off the leaves and smelling them. We picked some mint and put it into a pot to share with the children who remained indoors.

Once inside we thought about some of the things we could do with the mint we had picked and top of our list was to make play dough! The children helped to mix all of the ingredients of play dough together and added in bits of the leaves we had picked, as the ingredients combined together we could really smell the mint starting to come through. The children made comments such as "mmm yummy" and "wow". The play dough was then used to create many different things such as minty cakes, wiggly worms and simply to explore the ways in which we make marks! After touching and feeling the play dough the children noticed their hands had started to smell like mint. They came over to their carers and put their hands up to smell saying "look wow" and "play dough look"

Explores and experiments with a range of media through sensory exploration and using of whole body.
Notices detailed features of objects in their environment.
Explores objects by linking together different approaches, shaking, hitting, looking, feeling, tasting, mouthing, pulling, turning and poking.

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