03 August 2017

Exploring the garden

Exploring the garden

The children had a wonderful time out in the Over 2ís garden. The staff and children explored lots of different big activities that helped develop the childrenís gross motor skills. The children really loved climbing the trees (with careful supervision of course).

Each child took turns to climb the tree and were encouraged to engage their critical thinking skills, demonstrating their ability to link thoughts and ideas and then put them in to action.

Everyone encouraged each other by being positive and boosting each otherís well being. The movement the children used during this activity engaged their gross motor skills.

We have planned for the children to do more large scale activities and more risky play, looking at different activities incorporating the forest area.

Making relationships: Demonstrates friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults. 30-50 months

Physical development, moving and handling: Climbs confidently and is beginning to pull themselves up on nursery play climbing equipment

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