18 October 2017

Hinckley - Preschool 1 and the creepy crawlies..

Hinckley - Preschool 1 and the creepy crawlies..

The children in preschool 1 had a wonderful time in the garden looking for the creepy crawlies in the garden.

We talked about the different mini beasts that we could find. The children were very excited to find some wriggly worms. We all gathered around to talk about where the creatures lived and we found some under the long log that we use for our seating area.

We discovered millipedes, slugs, worms and tiny lice. The children found this very exciting. The adults extended the learning by moving on to a mark making activity where the children looked at the different bugs and drew them. The children gave meaning to their marks by describing them and telling the practitioners what they had done.

Making relationships: Demonstrates friendly behavior, initiating conversations and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults. 30-50 months

Writing: gives meaning to marks made. 30-50 months

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