18 October 2017

Hinckley - Our babies exploring new textures

Hinckley - Our babies exploring new textures

The babies have been developing their taste buds and exploring new textures during jelly play. Having 3 familiar flavours and bright colours encouraged the children to experiment with the jelly.

As it had only just come out of the fridge, the children all squealed and giggled at the cold! The children showed their good fine motor skills by holding the cups with both hands and trying to lick the jelly at the top.

Many of the children enjoying poking the jelly and splatting it all over the table. They used their whole hands and fingers to make swirling patterns in the jelly.

The best part was definitely being able to eat it at the end. Many of them ended up very sticky

EYFS Links:
Expressive Arts and Design (8-20 months) Notices and is interested in the effect of making movements which leaves marks
Physical Development (8-20 months) Holds own bottle or cup with both hands
Physical Development (16-26 months) Willing to try new foods, tastes and textures.

Hinckley - Our babies exploring new textures

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