04 November 2017

Bromsgrove - November 2017 Newsletter

Bromsgrove - November 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Staffing Update
Over the past few months we have been busily trying to recruit new staff members to join us, however this has proved more difficult than expected. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed we have had a small number of staff join us but have unfortunately decided to leave us for their own personal reasons. At Shooting Stars - we have high expectations and standards, and we will not settle for anything less of a staff member as we only want truly dedicated, caring, knowledgeable and passionate Nursery Nurses for the children in our care. We are continuing to recruit outstanding Nursery Nurses and will keep you updated with any appointments made. If you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to speak with a member of management.

We are pleased to announce that Lucia has been promoted to Baby Base Room Leader and will continue to cover the rest of Fawn’s maternity leave. I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Lucia, and agree that she has been a fantastic and consistent carer for the babies since she joined us earlier in the year.

Unfortunately, Laura will also be leaving us at the end of November as she wishes to take a different career path; we wish her all the best with her new career.

Helen, Room Leader of the Toddler Room and Deputy Manager will continue to support all of the families in the Toddler Room; we will keep you updated with any newly appointed staff that will be joining Helen.

As you know Vicky joined us as a Relief Nursery Nurse and has supported mainly the over 2’s rooms since the end of the Summer Term. However unfortunately for us Vicky has found a job supporting in a school nursery, which is Vicky’s domain as she is a qualified teacher. We will be sad to see Vicky go but she has offered to continue to support us in the school holidays.

We have appointed a lovely and highly experienced Nursery Nurse named Farah who will join us on the 13th November. Farah has spent over 10 years working in a Children’s Centre supporting families, and within the onsite nursery. We look forward to introducing you to Farah very soon.

Session Times
Just a polite reminder of our session times. Our morning session runs from 8.00-1.00pm and our afternoon session is 1.00-6.00pm. A full day is 7.30-6.00pm. We would kindly ask parents to drop off and collect children according to the correct session times as being earlier or later than the session impacts upon staffing levels, and where there is regular lateness this will incur a charge. If for any reason, you are running late to collect your child we would ask parents to phone nursery and inform staff. Breakfast is available from 7.30-9.00am.

Recommend us on daynurseries.co.uk
We would like to invite all parents/carers to write a review on our page on www.daynurseries.co.uk so that we can start spreading the word about the wonderful opportunities and experiences that we have on offer here for the children at Shooting Stars Bromsgrove. Many parents use this website when searching for childcare and your first-hand experience as Shooting Stars parents will help in their decision-making. We would be very grateful if you have 1 or 2 minutes to leave us a review at the following link here. We also have cards available in reception if you would like to take one away with you to fill out at home.

Please could we ask parents to label all of the items that your child may bring to nursery. From clothes, to dummies, to bottles and beakers. We have had a few instances where items have got mixed up as they look very similar.

If any parents have any children’s clothes at home that children have outgrown and they would be willing to donate to nursery as spare clothes, we would be very grateful.
Please ensure that your child has at least 2 full changes of clothes in their bag in case needed, more if potty training. Please also ensure that you pack at least 4/5 nappies for a full day as we change the children’s nappies at least every 2.5 hours (unless sleeping).

Now the weather is turning colder please ensure that children have appropriate outdoor clothing, including layers, warm coats and hats as we go outside in all weathers. If children are in nursery they must be well enough to take part in all activities, including going outside; so please ensure that you have provided appropriate clothing. If your child hasn’t already got wellies at nursery could you please bring a pair in to keep at nursery, labelled with their name; babies also need outdoor shoes.

Toys from home
We are aware that children like to bring in toys from home and doing this can enhance and develop their learning at nursery, sometimes this can cause tension between the children. Pre-School and Toddler Room have a box for toys from home in their rooms. We would like to ask that at the start of the session you gently encourage your child to put the toy in the home box; this would be greatly appreciated. The staff will then hold a show and tell time during the day where the children can show their toys to the other children.

Dates for your diary
Children in Need – Friday 17th November – We are raising money for Children in Need by asking all children and staff to wear “crazy” clothes and have “crazy” hairdos. We will also be having a cake sale on the day. We will be taking donations on the day for this special cause.

Our 1st Birthday Party/Christmas - Tuesday 5th December, 2:00-4:00 PM – We will have been officially open as a nursery for 1 year and will be celebrating with a party that is of course Christmas themed as it is December. We will have some special guests and lots of party fun, games and food! All children and their families are invited to join us for the afternoon. Please let us know if you will be attending and how many guests you will be bringing with you so that we can cater accordingly. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all!
Christmas Lunch- Thursday 14th December – The children will be enjoying a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings on this day.
Christmas Jumper Day – Friday 15th December – Please wear your favourite Christmas Jumper and donate £1 to go to “Save the Children”.
Christmas Trip- We are planning a magical trip for the children to visit Santa this Christmas. More details regarding this will be coming out very soon.
Please note that we are closed on the 25th and 26th December and on the 1st January 2018 for Bank Holidays. We are open in-between the Christmas period, however we would like to start planning our staffing. You will shortly be receiving a slip to complete and return with your child’s expected attendance during this period. We appreciate your co-operation.
Funding for the Autumn Term ends on Friday 15th December. The new Spring Term begins on Monday 8th January.

30 Hours Funding Reminder
As we are approaching the end of the term it is now time to start thinking about renewing your code for the 30 Hours Funding. Please check the account that you set up originally to see when you need to renew your code; it will be the end of December at the very latest.
If you would like to claim the 30 Hours Funding from January 2018 please check your eligibility on this website and speak to Abbie about how the 30 Hours Funding can be taken with us. https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/

Please make sure that you do not leave any medications in your child’s bag, this includes child paracetamol and ibuprofen as this is a health and safety hazard. All medications should be prescribed and should be signed into nursery to be administered, no other medicines should be on site.
When collecting your child from nursery, please go into your child’s room to get feedback about their day. Standing in the door way is a safety risk, as other children may try to get out if the door is held open.
Please may we politely remind all parents, carers and any grandparents, etc that may collect from nursery not to let in any one as they enter or leave, even if it is someone that you recognise. You are not being rude, you are helping to ensure the safety of all of our children. Only staff are allowed to let anyone into the building. When in the building please do not use your mobile phones, again this is to safeguard our children.

Autumn and Winter Menus
We hope the children are enjoying our new Autumn and Winter menus with all of the lovely, warming and filling dishes on offer. Sheelagh our cook makes everything from scratch onsite in our kitchen, and all of our fresh produce is from local suppliers. We follow the Children’s Food Trust guidelines to ensure that the meals and portion sizes we offer are healthy and nutritionally balanced.

Final note
As always, please speak to us if you have any queries, concerns or would like to give feedback to help us improve our service for you and your child.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Kind Regards

Abbie and the team at Shooting Stars.
Tel: 01527 877 666

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