Nursery Cam

NurseryCam is a secure webcam facility which allows parents to view live video images of their children in day nurseries and pre-schools securely over the Internet. But what is it, really?

In its simplest form, Parental Webcam is a video camera hooked up to the internet in a way that makes the live video viewable via a secure website. Unobtrusive digital video cameras are fitted in each room of the nursery. In order to convert what the camera sees into something that can be transmitted over the internet, a special device called a 'video server' is used. The cameras are plugged into the video server, and the video server is plugged into a high speed internet connection.

When using a broadband internet connection, parents can expect a refresh rate of up to eight frames per second. A dial-up connection will deliver one frame per second.

And to cater for parents who do not have internet access at work or who are constantly on the move, NurseryCam is launching the first-in-the-world mobile phone viewing in the next few months. Parents will then be able to watch their children playing at their nursery with their colour screen mobile phones.

When authorised parents have successfully logged in, they will see a user-friendly viewing screen that looks like the image opposite.

The buttons on the right hand side bring parents to room or rooms where their children learn, play, have fun and sometimes nap. And from here, parents can see your nursery's message board. It provides a wonderful way to help parents stay connected with your centre. Parents will also see the details of their 20 previous login history, an easy way for parents to perform some security check on their own account activity.


We have a fingerprint reader on the front door allowing parents to access a lobby area, where they are then let in by a member of staff. Fingerprint identification is the most secure form of access control. The chances of two people having the same fingerprint is 1 in 64 billion and a fingerprint, unlike a pin or card, cannot be obtained from or given to another person.

Nursery Cam

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